About Me

I'm a front and backend web developer, currently living in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I was eight years old when I started programming batch and I was twelve years old when I programmed Nintendo DS games in C++. When I reached the age of sixteen I developed an interest for the world wide web and became a webdeveloper!

I now work with the great people at R2H during the day, and in the evenings I work for my own company for which I create Joomla! extensions. When I am not working, you may find me listening to music!

Stuff I Can Do

I do have more skills than listed below; they just aren't interesting for you :)


HTML is the most important mark-up language when it comes to frontend! I'm an expert in HTML5 and can create very attractive websites!

Webpage Styling

To style the HTML, we need CSS3. Using Bootstrap 4 I can create responsive and great sites! This site is also built with Bootstrap 4!

Serverside Logic

PHP is the logic on the server side! All modern products on the web are driven by it. I am an expert in PHP when it comes to building applications and extensions for Joomla!


To manage large datasets, you'll need MySQL. Together with phpMyAdmin I can create applications with large databases and customer systems.

Workspace Automatisation

I am lazy and I want to let the computer do all the work for me. That's exactly what Grunt can do for me! Grunt automates my working environment for faster development. Grunt saves me a lot of developing time.

Listening to music

Not that it is a skill to work with headphones on for 10 hours a day, but around the office, I'm the one doing it the best.

Skills may contain traces of nuts


Joomla! Team

Joomla! Team

I recently joined a Joomla! team and became the assistant-teamleader of one of the subteams! My job is to keep the platform up-to-date.

Snoeren Development

Snoeren Development

I own my company for which I create Joomla! extensions. Most extensions have to be paid for, while some of them are free to use. All my extensions are open source.

Hire Me

If you want me to collaborate with you on creating awesome stuff, you may contact me. I can create applications, custom Joomla! extensions and software, responsive websites and last but not least, probably make you laugh.

Michael Snoeren